You know her as @Meghanly on instagram. Visit her site and you are immediately inspired. We wanted to get to know the face behind the nails! Read our interview with her below!

UNC: Where did you go to nail school?

ML: I went to Color My Nails School in 2007!

UNC: What brands do you prefer to use?

ML: I love lots of brands. I’d say I primarily use Files By Less, OPI + Gelish.

UNC: Do you specialize in one product?

ML: At this point in my career I only do gel polish and Gel Squared – but when the next best thing comes out I’ll be open to learning it!

UNC: What advice do you have for nail techs who are just starting out?

ML: My advice to beginners: You have to put in the time and effort. In my personal opinion these two categories are the most crucial places to spend that time and effort: Clientele Building + Learning Nail Art. In order to build your clientele you need to stay late some days and wait around on others. In order to get good at nail art you need to watch others around you, take classes, and practice, practice, practice! It’s hard but it’s so rewarding and worth it!

My Story

My mom is Bobbi Snyder, she taught at CMNS. Because of that I went to nail school young (15), and got my nail license at 16 and my instructor license at 17. Then I taught at CMNS for some time. I was able to build a full clientele in under a year. I’ve been doing nails for 10 years now, all the while completing my AAS as a Film Technician at SLCC and my AA. Now I’m at the University of Utah full time getting my bachelors in Graphic Design and minoring in Sculpture and Intermedia. At the same time I’m also going to UI/UX school at night.

Doing nails allows me to still pursue my love for film, set design, photography and all of the arts – because of my ability to create my own schedule. I’ve also made some of my best and lifelong friends through doing nails. If I could go back and do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing!

I currently work at Color My Nails Salon in Midvale.

Visit Meghan’s Instagram to see more of her amazing work!