Hello world! We thought we would take a minute and let you know what UNC stands for and what we are all about.

When we first created this website, we had one goal in mind: putting together an awesome nail expo that featured local distributors and educators for the state of Utah. We worked hard and set and accomplished many goals for our business over the course of six months, and in September of 2017, UNC hosted the first ever Utah Nail Expo.

The amount of nail techs who came and supported us surpassed what we had envisioned. We were amazed at what we had accomplished in just a short amount of time, and we continue to be amazed at all of the support we have received since our first event.

Since this first expo, we are continuously working toward building a bigger community of nail technicians. We strive to eliminate feelings of competition and negativity and instead work towards building a community that supports one another, lifts each other up, and helps each other to grow! Our mission has been to do that across the state of Utah, and we believe that we are succeeding.

When we think about the future of UNC, we have so many more goals for our nail community then just hosting an amazing expo once a year. We try our hardest to keep our nail technicians in mind and work toward building events and ideas that will ultimately help each nail tech to grow and succeed in this industry.

One main goal we have going forward is to expand our reach to nail techs outside of Utah. Doesn’t every nail tech deserve a place to go to voice their frustrations and concerns? A place to show off their amazing skill? A place to ask questions when they don’t have the answers? A place where they are confident in their talent and knowledge of products?

For us, this is UNC. This is what our business is all about.

Stay tuned for some great opportunities in the industry, provided to you by UNC.