Finding Your Tribe

I am so excited to be blogging at you today through Utah Nail Community! I thought long and hard about something I could share that would be of value to all of you and possibly help you along in your own business and nail worlds.  I kept circling around and around and in an effort to not vomit all the things I have learned and the mistakes I have made and the triumphs I have found, I decided to share some pieces from my Business class I teach. This part is about community and I call it finding your tribe.

You see, not everyone has the same vision when it comes to their nail career, and how boring would it be if we all did!  Which means there are enough clients and types of clients out there for all of us, I like to call them our tribe, but how do we find and attract them?  Let’s talk…


It all starts with you.  You are the chief. You determine the type of nails you want to do.  You determine your quality, which is a whole other blog, but is KEY.  You decide when you will work and where you will work.  You decide what products and services you will offer.  Ok, now you are ready to find your tribe, lets do it!

Start with the people right in front of you, your first client.  If they are already there in person half the battle is won!  Lets utilize that.  First, make sure you are delivering your already determined high quality.  Now, lets make sure they feel comfortable.  TALK TO THEM!!!! Ask them questions about their life.  Do you dig this client?  Perfect! Tell them about yourself and your business goals and how you would love to reward them for referring a client in, cause you want more like this client right?!  REBOOK THEM! Do not let them leave without them knowing you want to see them again.  This communicates that they are welcome and wanted and helps them get a convenient time for themselves in their busy lives. That easy. Tribe member 1, done. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Now, what about your coworkers if you are in a salon?  BE THEIR FRIEND.  NO DRAMA.  Some often make the mistake of thinking they are your competition, they are not.  They are your support system, as well as your sugar mamas.  What? Rude!  No, not rude, honest and ok to laugh about.  You better believe when I am sick or can’t take on new clients I send clients to my friends, my co-workers, to be taken care of.  You better believe they love making that money!  And don’t you forget they are the ones that help you grow in your craft more times than not.  Cause if you stop learning from those around you, that is when you need to be worried about the future of your business.

Does your salon have a receptionist?  If so, get your nails on that babe stat!  Duh, she books all the appointments and checks people in and out, hello advertising to attract your tribe!

What about social media?  OH boy, this is a whole other class I teach but let me give you some tasty tidbits to chew on, and then maybe you can come to the whole class one day cause I would LOVE to have you!

— USE SOCIAL MEDIA! Guys, it is FREE advertising.  FREE.  I’m sorry did I mention FREE?  It can be overwhelming and there are many ways to navigate it, heavens knows I have learned things once or twice through some mistakes using it, but it is wonderful.  Don’t be afraid to share on it.  It is a community that reaches across the world!  Think of the possibilities that can unfold.  I know, this is getting long, and almost sappy with my love of social media, but let me give you one thing to try before you go and conquer today.  Tag people. Try it. Tag people, give them credit for work you have recreated, shout them out in your stories, talk with them. That is how it works in most forms of social media.  If you tag people who you have been inspired by and give them credit in that shout out you have unlocked one of the keys to your work being seen more.  Can you hear your tribe coming?  Plus, you may be gaining another friend you can learn from and who you can support and who can support you.

I want to know how this goes, I really do.  Come visit my fav socal media page, my instagram @HilaryDawnHerrera where I share so much from nail art to classes I am offering, artists I am featuring, and the crazy things I am up to.  I would love to have you as one of my soul sisters in my tribe.



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