Embellished Competition Rules


 Embellished (non-divisional) 

1. Competitors will have 1 hour to complete creative designs on 3 pre-existing nail extensions on one hand. Shapes can be any shape desired (Square, Almond, Stiletto, Edge, Bridge, Arrow, Russian Almond etc., or a shape you have created). You must have sculpted on forms, no tips allowed. The 3 Nail extensions must be done and painted with one solid color prior to Competition. Nails extensions will be part of judging criteria. 

2. Competitors must have created their own sculpted base nails using professional products. Acrylic, gel or poly gels are allowed. 

3. Each competitor will receive an identical assortment of “embellishments” to use during the competition. No additional embellishments are allowed. No colored products may be used for designs, all art must be done with provided embellishments only. 

4. Competitors are required to bring all products necessary to attach gems. 

5. Consideration will be given for any pre-existing damage to a model’s natural nails, cuticles, or hands (please notify floor judge to have pre-existing damage noted). 

6. Cleansing products (soaps, etc.) and moisturizing products (oils, creams, lotions, etc.) are allowed. Excessive use of oil is not permitted. It will be at the judge’s discretion to deduct points for excess oil. 

7. Glamour will be judged in the following categories: “Doing the best with what you got”, design balance, “C” curves, cuticle area, shape, presentation, lateral structure, length, cleanliness of application, creativity, finished work, overall impression. 

To print these rules, click PDF link here: Embellished_RULES

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