10-Minute Tag Team Competition Rules


 10 Min Tag Team- 2 team members 1 model. (Non-divisional) 

1. Competitor Team will have 1.5 hours to complete a set of nail extensions on one hand (5 nails). Models may be shared by two teams. 

2. You must sculpt on forms, no tips allowed. Teams may use acrylic, hard gel or poly gel systems. No dip systems allowed. 

3. Each team will consist of 2 techs and 1 model. 

4. Every 10 minutes, a buzzer will sound. At this time, Tech A must immediately take their hands off of the model and move to the side as Tech B sits and takes over. This will be done each time the buzzer sounds at 10 minute intervals. Hands off tech is not allowed to touch any product, tools or model. 

5. No warning will be given for impending 10 minute buzzer. 

6. NO individual timers will be allowed (no watches, phones or other time devices allowed on competitors or models). 

7. Nails MUST be painted with a single color, (not glitter) gel polish/paint. Ring finger only MUST have art (any art or embellishments are allowed). No embellishments will be provided. Competitors must complete art, 3D work and embellishments during the competition time. 

8. Any shape and any length is allowed. 

9. Consideration will be giving for pre-existing damage to model’s cuticles or finger (please have a floor judge note any pre-existing damage). 

10. Higher points received when product is thinly applied near the cuticle area, reinforced at the apex and tapered through the free edge, approximately the thinness of a credit card nails with consistent “C” curves. 

11. Soap and water and oil or lotions may be used, but points will be deducted for excessive use of oils. 


10 Minute Tag Team will be judged in the following categories: “C” curves, cuticle area, shape, product control, surface structure, lateral structure, length, color application, art, finished work, and overall impression. 

To print these rules, click PDF link here: 10-Minute_Tag_Team_RULES