About United Nail Community

UNC is dedicated to helping nail techs grow, uplift one another, and master new techniques in order to create a strong nail community and learn from each other. UNC is a place for nail techs to connect and support each other. We promote educational opportunities and celebrate nail techs across the nation.

2019 Utah Nail Expo Team

Our Story

Sarah and Natalie both decided that they wanted to start something for the nail community in Utah. They wanted to create a place where nail techs could come together and support and uplift one another. The journey began by creating the Instagram account that featured Utah nail technician’s work. After a year of building the page, they both wanted more for the community. Planning for the first ever Utah Nail Expo began in March of 2017.


Sarah Spangler and Natalie Nielsen at the 2017 Utah Nail Expo

 The second Utah Nail Expo in 2018 was an even bigger success thanks to all of you! We loved watching our little community of nail technicians grow and evolve into something so much bigger! THANK YOU! 2018 provided the growth we each needed to see where our futures would go. Sarah continues to attend the Utah Nail Expo as a vendor and contributes to the nail community with her knowledge of nail products, success in the industry, as well as being a successful business owner. Natalie continues to run the Utah Nail Expo.

2018 Utah Nail Expo