I’m beyond honored and excited to be this months guest blogger. I hope I can share something that will help and inspire you. I’ve learned many things over the last 24 years and I continue to learn everyday. That’s what’s so amazing about this industry, it is constantly changing and evolving. If you are ever at the point where you think you know it all….it’s time to get out! With that being said I’m going to be posting my top 5 tips! Of course it’s my own nerdy nail knowledge 🙂 but it has helped me survive all these years in this crazy, wonderful career.

Tip #5 –  It’s about time!

Techs are always asking, “how long should it take to do a full set of nails?”  Yes, I feel we should work towards getting our services down to a good speed, time is money of course, but I believe in quality over quantity. It’s far more important to put out a beautiful structured, strong, dazzling set of nails than to have your client out the door in an hour. Clients don’t want to feel like a number. Do your best work and the speed will come over time. Here are a few things I can suggest –
  1. TALK TO THE HANDS! Too many techs stop what they are doing while having chit chat with their clients. Keep your head down and keep working while you talk.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR STEPS. Are you repeating unnecessary steps over and over?
  3. STAY ORGANIZED. Have all supplies and implements ready before your client sits down. During prep, start asking clients what they are hoping for their nails today. What colors are they feeling? What designs are they wanting? That way you can begin to create an idea in your mind.
  4. DON’T ANSWER PHONE CALLS AND TEXTS during an appointment, they are paying you for that time! Always rebook your client before they leave, that will cut down on unnessasary interruptions during the day from other clients.
  5. BE PREPARED. Have enough efile bits, nail brushes, and
    nippers to get through all your clients in a day, that way you won’t need to take time to clean, sanitize, and disinfect between each client.


Stay tuned for tip #4, coming soon!

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