Tip #2
These days there are nail techs on every corner. How do you get noticed? Here are a few suggestions-
  1. Always have your nails done. You are your own walking billboard.
  2. Keep your social media pages active. Post daily. Show your best work. Before and after pictures work great.
  3. Create an event in your area such as free manicures to ladies in the local nursing home. Be sure to send a write up to your local paper, they are always looking for a great story.
  4. Talk about what you do. Ask your clients to talk about you too 🙂
  5. Tag your nail magazines in your posts for a chance to be published. Don’t forget to tag your city and state too!
  6. Share with your clients and on your social media pages and nail shows or classes you attend. Let them know you keep up on the latest and greatest.
  7. Be happy! Be positive! Be kind! Help others!

Stay tuned for Becky’s final tip!